About Us

None of us is as smart as all of us. ~ Japanese proverb

Talented, Dedicated & Highly Trained People…

This is what makes our studio among the best hot yoga studios in the country. Our staff is here to serve and support you as you practice the most effective form of yoga on the planet. To learn more about our great people click on the images below…

Meet Our Studio Director

Mike Winter

“Experience gratitude by opening my eyes.”

All of our instructors are certified, experienced, and exceptionally well trained – when you take class with us, you will receive skilled instruction, including the individual attention necessary to help you practice safely so you receive the maximum benefit from your practice.

Along with our regular teaching staff, we often have visiting guest teachers who teach at our studios. We offer mentoring to teachers and studio owners who come to study with us from around the world.

Our Great Staff

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Our Mission

We serve our community as beacons of healing, compassion and light. Our mission is to provide pure Original Hot Yoga, offered by skillful, good-hearted people in a clean and nurturing environment. Each student is warmly welcomed and encouraged to grow in his or her own unique way.

State of the Art Facilities

From the built in bio-wall that purifies the air, to the special equipment we use to maintain and clean our flooring, to the fans that pump fresh air into the yoga room 24 hours a day, we have taken care of every detail necessary to guarantee a pristine environment.

The only thing we’re unable to do is wash/clean your yoga mat! You must take care of this detail yourself. Wash your mat in your washing machine using the gentle cycle, hot water and Simple Green or Oxyclean. You will be amazed at how fresh and clean the yoga room smells when you clean your mat on a regular basis!