Every class is open to beginners, no experience necessary.

Original Hot Yoga is not just an exercise—the series is a powerful healing system scientifically designed to restore your health and maintain your well-being inside and out. A minimum of 10 classes in 30 days is recommended in order to receive maximum benefit from your yoga practice. Consistency is key! Our memberships were designed with this in mind. Please review the options below, and purchase the one that works best for you.

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Lesson Packages:

2 Weeks Unlimited Classes - First time students only$39 - With current, local Houston ID
Single Lesson$25.00
30 Day Package – 10 Lessons$150.00
90 Day Package – 30 Lessons$360.00
One week / 7 days (unlimited) $80.00
Monthly (unlimited)$180.00
Yearly (unlimited)$1,800.00
Autodebit (unlimited)$139.00
Virtual Monthly (unlimited)$50.00
Towel With Mat Rental Fee$4.00

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