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Class Descriptions:
Original Hot Yoga: 26 yoga postures & two breathing exercises offered in 90-minute, 65-minute plus & 60-minute express sequences.
Inferno Hot Pilates: Strengthen your core & your total body FAST in this exciting, upbeat workout that’s high intensity yet low impact!
Yin Yoga: A relaxing, restorative class, where you can enhance your flexibility & explore the mind-body connection to your breath in this meditative practice.


Ready To Take Class?

In order to be effective, yoga must be practiced daily or on a regular basis with no long lapses of time between lessons. A minimum commitment of 10 lessons in 30 days is required if the student is to derive maximum benefit from this yoga program, and our lesson packages are set up to help you meet your commitment to your yoga and to yourself.

We understand how precious your time is, therefore, we begin and end every class on time. As a mark of our professionalism and skill in the classroom, we do not run over, and we do not run short; you can count on us for a class which begins and ends on time.

Check this page for all schedule changes, including holiday schedules and weather related changes. We also make announcements on our facebook page.

Also, please note that we have one location now, 2438 South Blvd – we combined locations in Feb 2015, so the Fountain View location no longer exists.