I ventured into a Bikram Yoga studio ten years ago as an injured marathon runner. I quickly stopped competing with myself to run farther or faster, and immediately started healing. What a great feeling! I was able to feel and see the benefits of this wonderful meditation, and shared it with many friends. I continue to love my personal practice and feel it is a privilege to share it with others.


Traci’s 6 Word Autobiography:

Allowances – Truth – Breathe – Ease Before Effort


All of our instructors are certified, experienced, and exceptionally well trained – when you take class with us, you will receive skilled instruction, including the individual attention necessary to help you practice safely so you receive the maximum benefit from your practice.

Along with our regular teaching staff, we often have visiting guest teachers who teach at our studios. We offer mentoring to teachers and studio owners who come to study with us from around the world.