When I first moved to Houston, my roommate took me to my first class at Hot Yoga Houston. She had been a practicing yogi since she was young, and told me all about it before my first class, but even then I was blown away by the practice! I had taken plenty of yoga classes before of various types, but I always thought of it as a nice gentle stretching routine that could also help improve my balance, or something. I was so blown away because this class was so much more challenging in ways I couldn’t have imagined! As a musician, I not only have to take great care of my body (the slightest injury or strain could put me out of work), but I also have to spend lots of time practicing by myself. This practice has been so helpful because it’s low impact, it doesn’t put unnecessary strain on small muscles, and the intense focus I found in a 90-minute Bikram class has helped make my musical practice sessions so much more productive!

Caitlin’s 6 Word Autobiography:

I play lots of harp music.



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