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The Bikram method is the style of yoga Hot Yoga Houston has been teaching since its founding in 1995. This original hot yoga has been widely featured in the press for many years, renowned for its miraculous healing ability.

By following a specific series of 26 yoga postures and two breathing exercises in a room regulated at 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity, you will not only work every part of the body by the end of class, but also provide fresh, highly oxygenated blood to every part as well.



Every class is a beginner’s class, so all are welcome! Our teachers at Hot Yoga Houston are trained to teach anyone, from challenging regular practitioners to encouraging beginning students, with compassion and respect.

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The heat will allow you to stretch deeper into your muscles safely without risking injury, and each posture builds on the one before that compounds the benefits you gain as the class progresses and as you practice consistently.

Some of the most common benefits you could experience are restored range of motion in your joints, expanded lung capacity, weight loss, peace of mind, and improved balance, strength and flexibility.