Upper body strength I didn’t know I needed!

I’ve been practicing at Hot Yoga Houston for 7 years and love everything about it, from the classes to the instructors to the sweat dripping in my eyes (that part took awhile). When the studio introduced Inferno Hot Pilates, I thought, “Perfect! I want a tight butt, so sign me up.” Ha. But seriously, I was looking for something to complement my yoga, and it has proven to be the perfect fit in many ways. Within the first few classes, I’d already begun to notice changes…a stronger core and that old 6-pack showing signs of life, improved flexibility (my first ever heel reach in camel!), no more lower back pain, upper body strength I didn’t know I needed, more and sustained energy, oh and that tighter butt (insert high five). And most importantly, new friendships and a lot of fun. If that’s all there was to gain, it has been worth that alone.

This class is certainly no walk in the park. But like they say in class, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!