Stress relief

I am writing this with the intention of letting you know how Bikram yoga has affected my life. This is the first yoga type I have ever tried and I was lucky that it just happened to be on my way home one day and I decided to stop in (Fountain View location) – not aware that it would involve an incredible amount of heat or that I would have to invest in many new towels and detergent….. my only requirement was that there was no chanting – not my thing…

I became curious about yoga because people had in the past told me that it reduced stress (which I had a lot of due to my demanding job which I was beginning to hate) and also since I was a runner, it would help me with my flexibility. The first class killed me, too hot I thought, but I liked the feeling of my heart pounding and the challenge it gave me. I was sore for days, it took me a week to come back and I wasn’t sure if I was Bikram material. But when I started coming more often, several things convinced me that this a was good thing.

First, it’s like “Cheers”, where everyone knows your name. It’s a great feeling for me to come in and have the instructors remember my name – I felt wanted and knew I would be missed if I didn’t show up next – well, at least they would know I wasn’t there, missed may be too much (but I’d like to think so…). Then it was seeing all of the different people that attended – all ages, weights, and personalities. I felt like I was part of a dynamic group. I had just lost my job, I broke up with my boyfriend of 14 months, and I was going through personal issues.

After one month of yoga, I felt a difference. I slept much better, I drank more water, I felt a sense of achievement every time I finished a class – you know how you ask “What do you want to get out of this class?”, I always say to myself “Finish and not pass out – or pass gas…” Every day is a new experience and all of the instructors are so friendly (Radi, Amy, Jessica, Tony, Robin, you) that you guys have become my 90 minute family. I mean that. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get a job – my 4:30 PM class is a ritual for me now!

If anything, not only is this good for my health, but I feel like I’m part of something good and worthwhile. I just want to say thank you for providing such a positive environment – your kind words sometimes are just what a person needs that day and I know you have a life outside of yoga, but when you’re there (all of the instructors) – you all seem focused on us and that is truly admirable. It’s just what I needed in my life and I’m truly grateful. When you said “your camel rocks”, inside I felt so good, now it’s my favorite pose. Someday I’ll manage the locked knee – I hope.

I have recommended this class to everyone I meet. The patience and balance it has brought to my life is something that I want to share with everyone.

Thank you again,

Iris Munoz