Pre & Post Pregnancy Yoga

Hi Joani,

I am amazed at how after less than a week back I feel like I never left!

I started Bikram yoga with only moderate yoga experience. Although I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the classes I had taken previously, I never “fell in love” with the yoga experience. I had attended regular yoga classes only a couple times a week because I didn’t feel like I got a good workout, and would intersperse my yoga days with taking aerobics at the gym. What a shock I had at my first Bikram class! It was several classes before I could even make it through class without having to “take a knee” every other posture, but the instructors continued to encourage me both during and after class. This really made a big difference and I am grateful to all of them for helping me stick with it. In just a few weeks, I was totally hooked!

When I started Bikram, I was undergoing fertility treatments and was restricted by my doctor to attending in 2 week cycles (“2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off”). Just when I finally would get used to the heat and intensity of class, I would take 2 weeks off and have to start all over again. Again, the encouragement I received by the staff was so helpful and I would always return knowing how good I would feel after a class or two. Aside from all the physical benefits, I know that Bikram has been immensely helpful in dealing with the stresses of daily life.

Happily, I got pregnant last year and have just had a beautiful baby girl. I was restricted from taking Bikram for almost a year due to both my history of miscarriage and some complications early in my pregnancy. I finally returned last week (3 weeks after giving birth) and after just a few classes I already feel like I never left…I am amazed that after almost a year with little or no exercise I am able to participate in the entire class (even triangle and cobra!) It seems like my body just remembers what to do. I have never had this experience with any other type of exercise after being away for even as little as a few weeks. I know that Bikram Yoga will play a huge role in helping me lose my “baby weight” and get back into shape after such a long absence, and I can’t wait. I am very grateful to be back!!

Namaste, Laura Licato, age 36