Post Natal Hot Pilates!!!

After the birth of my fourth child I started doing Hot Yoga again. Hot Yoga always gets me back into shape after the birth of each child. Approaching forty and having done hot yoga for over thirteen years, things were not bouncing back as quickly as I liked. Even though things were not moving along, I wasn’t really interested in trying the Inferno Hot Pilates. I accidentally stumbled into a class due to scheduling and I was hooked. I barely could get through the class, but kept at it. Within two weeks I had shed four pounds and I could tell that my arms were getting more defined. I wasn’t cringing into my yoga mat anymore, either. I could tell my yoga was also getting better,  I was getting stronger fast. I was playing outside better with my kids. I still feel that I have a way to go….but from birth to now I have lost over 40 pounds. I weighed 183 after the birth of the last guy and the last time I checked, two months ago, I weighed 143. This works, guys. You just have to show up. If my nonexistent ab muscles can hold a plank, so can you!