New Body, New Life, New Spirit

I was almost 41 and had never done any yoga when I started Bikram yoga. I was out of shape and 15 pounds overweight, but I didn’t come for my physical health. I was newly in recovery from alcoholism and my life was in turmoil–I was getting divorced, selling my house and my business, starting a new job and my son was suffering from a life-threatening disease–and I desperately wanted to find some peace and serenity.

It is hard to describe how much the yoga has done for me, but I will try.

I love yoga and the instructors in Houston are so wonderful. My 18 year-old daughter, who is an athlete but does not do yoga, says I look better in a bathing suit than she does. (It’s not a competition, but it’s nice for a 43-year-old woman to hear!) I became a vegetarian. I sleep soundly and peacefully every night. I met the love of my life and he does Bikram yoga with me–an amazing way to feel close to someone you love.

Now, thanks to Bikram yoga, no matter how chaotic my life becomes, (and my life is so much calmer now), there is a place I can go to unwind, feel peaceful and let it all go, without having to resort to chemicals! Getting a whole new body in the process was an unexpected bonus.

Thank you, Mike and all the wonderful Houston instructors.

Anonymously Grateful