Neck pain

I had heard about Yoga for years and had tried regular Yoga a handful of times over the past 5 years, but was never really motivated by any class I attended. I also had/have limited time to devote to exercise, was a runner until recently, and didn’t want to give up my running for Yoga as I wasn’t seeing the same physical results.

After I had my second child in May of last year, I immediately went back to running and the working out in the gym, but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted quickly enough. A friend had mentioned Bikram Yoga several months back and when I consulted a trainer at the YMCA, he suggested Yoga as well. I also went to a chiropractor/ accupressurist, Dr. John Rice, after my baby was born for back and neck pain. He said I could keep spending money to come in and see him or I could take up Yoga.

I was doubtful, but on the way home from the store one day, I saw the new Bikram studio on Fountain View and decided to give it a shot. After one class, I was hooked. I felt like I was floating when I walked out of the first class and couldn’t wait to come back the next day. Not only did I feel and see almost immediate physical benefits, I felt much more relaxed and better capable of being a mom for two small kids under the age of two! The 90 minutes away is very re- energizing for me and a time where I can focus on myself and unwind. I also find that 3 days a week is sufficient for me to keep in shape and feeling good ( even though I would like to come more!), whereas when I was a runner I felt the need to run every day (which is hard to do with kids). I have lost 45 pounds since I had my baby in May, and at least the last 15 pounds and 2 clothes sizes of which I attribute to Bikram. I never run anymore, as I don’t need to before. I have a history of scoliosis and back pain after 2 kids, which the Yoga has completely eliminated.

I have turned on several friends and three family members to Bikram Yoga and talk about it wherever I go to whoever will listen! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thanks for giving me this opportunity, it is definitely a way of life for me now that I will never change.

Gabrielle Welch — 31 years old – Fountain View location