Naturally Making Healthier Choices Through Bikram Yoga

Hi Joani!

I have been doing Bikram Yoga for about 6 years and believe me, it has been the best decision I have taken in all my life. Before that, I had never exercised. I was also not living a very healthy life style but its really true, Bikram Yoga naturally changes many aspects of your life.

I put myself to the test a couple of years ago and decided to stop drinking any form of alcohol for 2 years and I did it! Persistence and trust in myself is what I learned. Its incredible how people are prejudice about those who don’t drink, but, that did not matter to me. Not a drop for 2 years was good! Now I have a glass of wine or a beer, but, I no longer abuse my body the way I used to.

My dietary habits have also drastically changed. It didn’t take that long to change either. I would say, within a couple of months of beginning to practice Bikram Yoga, you unconsciously just start eating better, naturally eating more of your greens and more and more fruits. It’s amazing what this yoga can do!

I also saw changes in my personal life. I suffer from migraines. I tend to be a nervous person and stress had been my number one problem for years. This yoga decreased my migraines and I control my nerves better. Some things have been very hard for me, but, it can be done. It€s amazing to see that your own body starts rejecting any form of medication because all the medicine you need is 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises! Now I am a total anti-pill person. When my migraines get strong, I just do some yoga and they get better, its true!!!

Yoga makes you choose what is right for you. It makes you more understanding towards others and more patient. I lacked patience and yoga has taught me that. Your brain tends to think differently, in a more positive way! I know my mother is more than glad Bikram yoga has come into my life. Now if I could only get her to go too…

Thank you Joani for a great studio and for having the best team in Houston! And thank you for what you do for all of us, the students!

Yours truly,

Ana Jabive Serrano