First Timer

Dear Joani,

Hello! I’m Amy Johnson and I attended my first class at the South Blvd location Wednesday night, subsequently signed up for the 10 classes in 30 days, and went again last night.

Whew! I have to say that’s one of the most challenging things I’ve done in a while. I am training for the MS150 and have really started pushing myself on my bike with hills in the Texas Hill Country (shorter rides) and a Spin class at the downtown YMCA.

I think these classes are really going to round out the state of my physical fitness, plus give my mind a workout. During my recent bikerides, I’ve really been pushing myself, breaking though mental barriers as I break through my fitness barriers – it’s a trip!

I’m 32 and I haven’t felt this athletic since high school! I think the Bikram Yoga classes really ignited something in my brain, along with my body, too. Just wanted to say the first 2 classes were “great” and I look forward to my next 9 classes. I attended with two friends, and they are just as excited about this as I am. Also, one of my intentions for the Bikram Yoga classes is to improve my digestive system. We’ll see! Thank you for providing this wonderful class. -Amy Johnson

P.S. I would also like to say that the staff is really friendly and made me and my friends feel so welcome. The instructors are “excellent” at explaining things, especially towards the end of the class when my brain isn’t exactly working correctly…

Amy Johnson MS RD LD

I did notice that there were no testimonials on your website from first timers. I think (hope) my testimonial will definitely encourage people to come and give it a try. I’m still feeling the exciting, peaceful effects of my back-to-back Wednesday/Thursday classes. It’s really, really amazing. I’ll be back for the Monday class. -Amy