Cancer Treatment & Surgery

To Joani and all the wonderful instructors at Bikram Yoga Houston,

I started Bikram Yoga at the Fountain View location in the Fall of 2004 and immediately felt invigorated by the heat, sweat, pain, and all the energy and vitality that goes with it!!

In early 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to undergo radiation therapy. When I asked my physician and technicians if I could continue my yoga class, they were so perplexed. “No one exercises, much less sweats, while undergoing radiation…” . The biggest concern was how the excessive perspiration would affect the markings required for the radiation therapy. So, I was a guinea pig and found out that the ink holds up well, at least a week at a time. I also feel that my practice helped to fend off the fatigue that is associated with radiation. I never experienced anything out of the ordinary. So, anyone out there faced with the same dilemma, there’s no problem! Keep up your practice!

In the summer of 2006, I also faced some surgery, having a complete hysterectomy. I remember going into surgery, announcing that I was doing my “yoga breathing”. I was back to work within 5 days, and back in yoga class inside 2 weeks! My stamina was 100%, and I was able to participate in every position within 4-6 weeks. My doctor was so pleased, and I’m confident that my yoga practice was most instrumental in such a quick recuperation.

So to those fellow Yoginis who are faced with medical issues, I have to say that this practice is a healer, and, it prepares your body to handle stressful events in a remarkable way. If anyone has questions concerning any treatment they may be facing, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally. And, thanks to everyone at Bikram Yoga!

Lorna Henderson