Asthma & Allergies

Since January 2004, I have practiced yoga consistently – 4 to 5 times weekly (I was hooked after my first class). I have suffered from asthma and lower back pain most of my adult life. I inhaled steroids twice daily, carried a rescue inhaler, took allergy medicine and allergy shots. Each year I could look forward to having pneumonia at least once and many bouts with colds and allergy symptoms.

This year, thanks to Bikram Yoga, I am medication FREE!!!! I no longer take ANY medication for asthma, and my allergies are gone. Not only am I free from steroids, inhalers, and allergy shots, I have not had pneumonia, colds, or the flu. Bikram Yoga has also strengthened my back so that I am now completely pain free.

I am 57 years young and have participated in many types of exercise (aerobics, weight training, etc.) throughout my lifetime. I can honestly say that Bikram Yoga has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. It has taught me patience, given me endurance, and completely restored my health.
Thanks to my friend, Lynn, for suggesting that I give this a try, and thanks to all the instructors and many friends I have made as a result of practicing Bikram Yoga. See you in class!

Gay Stallones (Fountain View Location)