Yoga Healed Debilitating Joint Injury

Hi Joani,

About 2 months ago I fell down the stairs and sprained my elbow. I struggled through yoga for 6 weeks not being able to straighten out my arm. The injury did not feel like it was getting better. I felt discomfort in almost every posture, but excruciating pain when I tried to put full weight on the joint in locust pose, so I stopped doing it correctly. I was lifting my legs, but my arms were at my side, not underneath my body. Ky caught me one day and asked about the injury. He suggested that instead of lifting my legs, I should just focus on getting my elbows underneath my body and making that my posture. It made sense and I gave it a try. I had to cross a pain barrier the first time, and my arms were only slightly tucked under, but I did it. With each practice, although I still had to endure pain, my elbow felt significantly better every day. It has been three weeks and I have re-gained almost complete mobility. I attribute the recovery to Ky’s good advice and of course hard work. I appreciate you and all of your staff, you guys do great work!


Anne Todd