Ex Athlete and Yoga

I appreciate what hot yoga has done for me in the last two years. As an former football player and wrestler I have the normal issues . Arthritis in my hip, a reconstructed knee and a bone spur in the neck . The neck was causing tingling into my fingertips and pending surgery, the knee had limited flexibility and the hip was chronic pain into my lower back. These problems are almost nonexistent and my flexibility is back to when I was an athlete 30 years ago.


It will also cut down on your alcohol intake because you know you are facing a 105 degree room the next morning . It also is great to focus your mind and stress relief.


A side benefit is probably working out with the nicest least judgmental people in the world. You come to hot yoga looking for something and the folks who stay know that it takes some will power to continue to practice the ancient art. I have been amazed at the random  kind words to the 6’4 270 lb yogi in the back row.