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Upper body strength I didn’t know I needed!
I’ve been practicing at Hot Yoga Houston for 7 years and love everything about it…(continue reading)


Pain Relief, Strength, Energy, and Fun!
Inferno Hot Pilates has made my hip muscles become so much stronger that…(continue reading)


• Post Natal Hot Pilates!!!
After the birth of my fourth child I started doing Hot Yoga again…(continue reading)

• Ex Athlete and Yoga
I appreciate what hot yoga has done for me in the last two years…(continue reading)

• Like a Healing Pool
I cannot recommend this highly enough. For me this yoga is like…(continue reading)

Moving to Houston
Going to practice regularly has improved my concentration, taught me to be more…(continue reading)

• Yoga Healed Debilitating Joint Injury
It has been three weeks and I have re-gained almost complete mobility…(continue reading)

Thank You, Bikram Yoga Houston Staff!
I started Bikram Yoga in December of 2005. I have been trying to come to classes…(continue reading)