October 1st Seminar and Master Class – Change in Plans!

From Mike:
If you believe that everything happens for a reason, I have a great example to share.  As you know, we had a very successful and fun Hot Yoga Houston Arts & Music Festival this last weekend and next weekend on Saturday, October 1st is a special seminar with my yoga son Lucas Miles.  We set the date months ago.  Luke is always excited to come back to his yoga home.  However, he scheduled the wrong date and arrived this weekend, September 24, instead of next weekend.  He was very upset that he had made this mistake.  I told him not to worry that everything happens for a reason and maybe he needed some time off.  Luke shared with me that he had not had a day off in over 2 months. He had been to a meditation recently and when asked what he wanted most, his reply was some time off.  Well he got it!  He got to relax, sleep, spend time with his yoga family, and enjoy our Music Festival.  So it was no accident.  He needed the time off and the Universe provided.  I love the synchronicity!  Everything happens for a reason!!
That being said Luke, not yet able to bi-locate, cannot be here for his yoga seminar/workshop on Saturday, October 1.  So I had a choice, cancel and reschedule or I could teach/lead the workshop myself.  In the 21+ years of having yoga schools, I used to travel a lot doing workshops around the country but I decided to stop the travel and spend more time with my students at my school.  So, I will be leading the workshop.
One big change, this workshop will be offered as a gift to you, my students.  Meaning FREE of charge.  I would like to suggest free will donations with all proceeds going to Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center(twrcwildlifecenter.org).   If you want to pay the fee for the original Lucas seminar that will be welcomed.  If you want to pay less that is great.  Pay whatever you are moved to donate.  If you want to attend for free that too is welcome. Come enjoy, learn and deepen your yoga practice!  Those that have already registered and paid may get a refund or donate what you paid to this amazing organization.
The seminar will be held at our South Blvd location from 12noon-4pm.  Dress comfortably, bring a notebook and your questions and come prepared to learn and have fun.  The room will not be heated, so no worries.
This is your chance to focus on specific postures, ask questions, receive hands on correction, and learn how to deepen your practice and healing.
Seminar will be followed by a master class from 4:30pm – 6:30pm to practice what you have learned.  Of course this class will be heated so you can get your sweat on 🙂
You must stop by the school to sign up for this event!
Yoga is about being flexible and this change is a great opportunity to practice flexibility in body and mind.  Handle the unexpected with poise, remember to breathe and enjoy the present moment.  See you there!