Originally from England, I arrived in Houston in 1991, via Saudi Arabia, Holland, and… Massachusetts (!) and attended my first Bikram Yoga class in March of 2003, hoping to find a cure for my chronic back pain.  Flopped on the floor during Eagle Pose and woke up after Rabbit.  Returned the next day because the instructor commanded it.  After 100 classes I felt limber, healthy, happy, and 20 years younger.  Wanting to impart this miracle to others, went to Teacher Training in 2007 (nine weeks of hell).  Have been happily teaching for Mike and Joani ever since.

Cathy’s 6 Word Autobiography:

Love baseball and John Michael Vaughn!



All of our instructors are certified, experienced, and exceptionally well trained – when you take class with us, you will receive skilled instruction, including the individual attention necessary to help you practice safely so you receive the maximum benefit from your practice.

Along with our regular teaching staff, we often have visiting guest teachers who teach at our studios. We offer mentoring to teachers and studio owners who come to study with us from around the world.